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About Us


Rocaliza was established to promote and develop Adventure tours in Puerto Rico

We specialize in activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, zip lining, river trekking, and hiking. Our top-notch guides are recognized for their enthusiasm, customer service, safety orientation and knowledge. Your safety is our main priority and we make it our business to exceed all your expectations, providing you with the best possible service. We want you to feel safe and trust us as we take care of you, your friends and family.

Our guides will escort you on a personal or group adventure where you will have your adrenaline rush and learn about the local ecology and history of Puerto Rico at the same time. All of our equipment is certified and inspected on a daily basis to ensure maximum quality and performance.

“During the last few years, adventure tourism has been gaining in popularity and is in constant growth as tourists arriving in Puerto Rico are looking for a different and more adventurous way of experiencing the natural beauty of our island. With the Puerto Rico Tourism Company promoting interior tourism with their ‘Explore beyond the shores…’ campaign, a big opportunity was created for the fledgling, local, adventure tour industry. Since very few companies were providing these types of services; this is one of the reasons why Rocaliza was created.

Places like Puerto Rico don’t come to mind when we think of rock climbing, caving, or zip lining. But the truth is, Puerto Rico is very diverse in terms of natural resources. In our 100 x 35 mile island you can find anything from crystal clear beaches to subterranean river systems to dry forests and rainforests, amongst others. All these beautiful ecosystems have been hidden to the public until recent years and now we want to share these magical places with you, in a very unique way!”

Diego Garcia
Owner, Rocaliza Adventure Tours in Puerto Rico